We’ve been around since 1994

IMA Engineering Services Ltd was established in 1994. When our company first opened its doors, we started offering a wide array of services to a range of local industries. Our services however mostly concentrated around presenting local entities with electroplating and coating solutions.

After some years, we started branching out into different sectors.

Bit by bit, IMA Engineering Services grew into the large and efficient company that it is today. Over the years, our company has gained copious amounts of experience in the environmental sector. Eventually, through our professionalism and solutions, we started to present our clients with a choice of environmental consultancy solutions in the industry. The services and advice that we offer follow ISO 14001 and EMAS.

By time, IMA Engineering Services started offering other solutions related to the brokerage and purchasing of non-ferrous metals. This service was first introduced in 2006, and eventually, it also included electrowinning methods.

A shift in dynamics

The company saw a shift in dynamics and further growth — something which eventually led us to extend our operations into waste management solutions. Over the years, we continued to grow and branch out. This eventually led us to become a local authorised waste facility for the dismantling of WEEE. Eventually, we started to store, pre-treat and transfer a range of hazardous waste for our clients.

As an authorised waste broker, we offer our services to a number of both local and international companies looking to recover or recycle their waste. Through our services you are promised a safe and adequate treatment for any waste that you need to dispose of.

IMA Engineering Services is a founding member of the Association of Recyclers Malta.

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